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From Influencer to Fashion Entrepreneur: We Help You Transition and How?

Are you an influencer planning to launch a fashion line for your followers? Has it always been your dream to design jewelry, accessories, and step into the field of entrepreneurship? Real Accessories is the perfect platform to give wings to your dreams. We are a team dedicated to guiding you in your journey from an influencer to an entrepreneur. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

How do we do that?

Real Accessories specializes in designing and creating wholesale jewelry that is trendy and timeless. Our products range from bracelets and unique-styled earrings to hair accessories. You can choose whatever you want for your business. Undoubtedly, the best feature of our company is that it offers some crazy discounts on the pieces you buy- what we like to call the “special wholesale price”.

When it comes to jewelry and other accessories, there is almost something for everyone on our website. You are sure to come across jewelry that appeals to the fashionista and the influencer within you by just browsing our page. Once you select your favorites, we are right by your side to help you create your own jewelry collection.

So what are the steps that will lead to your transition from an influencer to owning entrepreneurship

  • The first step involves following our Instagram handle @gorealnyc to get check out our existing collection and get updates on the additions
  • Do not trust the quality and style related claims that we make? That’s okay. Place an order and try out our products for yourself. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed 
  • If you like our pieces (and you surely will), you can Direct Message us on Instagram and we will help you create your own collection. The pieces will be customized to suit your style and preference so that your unique personality is reflected in the jewelry you sell.

It doesn’t end here. We are going to help you with the entire process of building the business, and that includes all aspects of design, production, and distribution. We will adopt a steady pace to make your goals of setting up your own fashion line come true. Once the products have been designed and manufactured, they will be ready to be launched on your page.

You might even be an entrepreneur who is merely looking for some inspirational additions to your existing collection. Well, don’t worry. We have got you covered, too. Get high-quality pieces for as little as $3. What’s even better is that we are constantly revamping and introducing something new in our wholesale jewelry store.

There is another reason why we are gaining popularity among many small businesses and influencers: we organize monthly giveaways, and if you participate in these, you can win extra credit to purchase more pieces.

Summing up

As social media gains a wider audience, the popularity of influencers is also growing rapidly. Today, if you are an influencer, you must have something unique to offer your followers. A fashion line is the perfect idea. Allow us to help you embark on this journey of entrepreneurship and enjoy the affection you receive from your followers and customers as they fall in love with your collection.

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